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Written by George Benford


It’s early in the morning, still dark on the outside and the bed gently indicates motion.  Suddenly there is a long and enthusiastic lash of a tongue across your face.  She gently lowers herself placing her paw on your cheek and lying beside you.  Sunshine has arrived well before dawn.  You both slide back into sleep. This was the great beginning of another day filled with devotion, trust, excitement, and shared love beyond words.


She came to us through the grace of God and gave us so much of herself.  She never met a stranger, two or four legged – they were all worth her love.  While her sister growled at her before every meal, she simply defended her actions vocally – don’t fuss at my sister—it’s okay.  She enjoyed traveling (car car was one of her favorite sounds) she would simply head for the garage door (tail-a-wagging and a thrilled bark or two).  She always wanted to ride shotgun, but Patty would not lie in the back with Gretchen, so she settled for her bed, which Gretchen had already occupied - so they shared.  She could ride for hours if not days and be so happy.  Hotels were her specialties as she would happily greet everyone she met.  She and her sister loved the beach (no leash just the sand at her feet and the wind in her face).  She loved the outdoors, often staying on our deck in snow or sun for hours and then her gentle paw would twice scrape on the door, so the Princess could come back inside.  She did not hold her emotions within, if there was any tension in the house, it was reflected in her concern, she was a peacemaker and would always make us realize that nothing was more important than the love she generated.


She had two lives - one as a stray hit by a vehicle and rescued by a loving Animal Adoption Center (Briggs).  Here I met her as a dog.  She needed to overcome her fear of men. I walked her almost daily and yet could not go into her suite and retrieve her.  One day it happened and I knew I could go into the suite and she would come to me.  Never expecting to adopt her, the next day I told Patty “I want this girl”( thus the change of status from dog to girl).  She was ours from then on and forever.  I know her second life was great – special (our word for spoiled) but worth all the attention and fuss.


Whether she was in a costume for Doggie Howl-o-Ween or wearing a tiara, she was a ham.  She loved to be photographed as Amanda knew she was beautiful. She loved the attention, but gave it back in love and wet kisses.  She seemed to always appreciate every day as special (something we should all feel).


One thing she did not like was her daddy leaving town.  She would mope around for hours if not days, sit by the door and wait.  If I was gone for awhile she would somehow know I was returning on the exact day.  Our sitters could not get her away from the door until I came home.  She would be all over me with love and then sulk later to prove her point.  Now I wait at the door, hoping and praying she will come home.  It may be a long wait, but someday the door somewhere will open and she will rush in and my tail and hers will be wagging.  This time I do not think she will walk off and sulk neither will I.


We will rejoice in the reunion and be together for eternity.

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